Neewer® 16.5" 360 Degree Adjustable 3-Way Extension for GoPro Hero 1 2 3 3+ Camera - just $25


This hand grip stabilizer is that the ideal accent to shoot or record swish and stable shots along with your camera. simply mounted to any camera, the non-slip end provides a durable grip beside a larger vary of motion. the fast unleash plate is thus tiny it will be rock bottom of your camera. It may also be mounted to a rack for added extension and grip. it's even compatible with recognizing scopes and binoculars that area unit rack flexible.
Arm Handheld Grip Stabilizer Mount with Tripod Adapter

Feature of Neewer® 16.5" 360 Degree Adjustable 3-Way Extension :

  1. Lightweight and non-slip finished grip
  2. Shoots swish and stable skilled video
  3. Compatible with any camera or tv camera
  4. Strong, Secure and significant duty
  5. 1/4 20" customary rack thread on rock bottom that you'll build up additional grips and mount the 1/4" socket of rack.

Specification of Neewer® 16.5" 360 Degree Adjustable 3-Way Extension 

  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 3+/3/2/1 Camera.
  • Can be used as a camera grip or extension arm for extremist skillfulness and a spread of shots.
  • With 3-way adjustability permits you to capture point-of-view footage, follow-cam footage or shots of yourself.
  • 360 degree angle change, stragetic hand grip with slot, appropriate for jump, skating.
  • The folding arm makes it simple to capture big selection angles within the shot.
  • Hand Grip Blue
  • Hand Grip Gold
  • Hand Grip Red
  • Hand Grip Silver
Ready Monopod too, if you like monopod 


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