Replace Existing Image Colors With Completely New Ones With Adobe Photoshop Elements

TitleReplace existing image colors with completely new ones with Adobe Photoshop Elements
AboutImage Editing
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Swap and Add Colors in Your Photographs
Use the painting tools in Photoshop Elements to change or add colors in your photographs. how to replace existing colors in images. how to add colors to black-and-white images
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Variation: Replace existing image colors with completely new ones
Open your photo.
Set up your brush tool.
Choose the Color Replacement tool (), and set Limits to Contiguous. Then specify 50% to 60% for the Tolerance setting. Leave the Mode set to Color.

Set Like Image Below
 Sample color to replace.
Zoom in and Alt+click on the color you want to replace.

Choose your color and paint!
Use a fairly large soft brush for areas with obvious borders. For areas with a less obvious border or a broader color spectrum, go back and set a lower tolerance.

DESIGN TIP: Create your own color style
CREATE YOUR OWN LOOK! Try out different filters under Styles and Effects, such as Stamp, to create a whole new look.

HIGHLIGHTS Create a highlight by hand-painting one object in your image.

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